Matt Wilson takes over Mile High Dog Doors

Matt Wilson is the new owner of Mile High Dog Doors
Matt Wilson, Owner of Mile High Dog Doors

Matt Wilson has taken over ownership of Mile High Dog Doors in the Denver, Colorado area.  Mile High Dog Doors is an authorized installer/dealer for Hale Pet Door and can also install other brands of pet doors as needed.

Matt serves the southern end of the Denver metro area including Aurora, Greenwood Village, Parker, Lone Tree and Castle Rock.

You can read more about Matt and the services he offers at his website, or give him a call at 720-670-0913.

Desert Star Pet Doors has a New Owner

Shawn Reece, owner of Desert Star Pet Doors
Shawn Reece, Owner of Desert Star Pet Doors

Desert Star Pet Doors has been a successful dealer and installer for Hale Pet Door in the Phoenix, Arizona area for some time.  Shawn Reece recently purchased Desert Star Pet Doors and is the happy new owner of a thriving company.  Hale Pet Door is proud to welcome Shawn into the family.Shawn has been in the construction industry for the last 16 years and has been installing pet doors for the last four years.  He specializes in helping find just the right placement for a pet door even in unusual or challenging situations and prides himself on providing the highest quality of installation.

To quote Shawn, “I take great pride in my work knowing I am making life easier on pets and pet owners alike.”  Shawn worked hard to attain the Hale Pet Door “Preferred” dealer ranking and is also proud to be a BBB Accredited Business with an A- rating.  You can visit Shawn’s website at or call him today at 602-531-6116.

Hale Pet Door Welcomes Lone Star Dog Doors in Dallas

We’re happy to announce that we have a new dealer in the Dallas, TX market.

Lone Star Dog Doors installs Hale Pet Doors

Bill Palmer of Lone Star Dog Doors is part of the Hale Pet Door Installer/Dealer program. His home base is Ennis, TX, and he’s servicing a 70 mile radius.

As a professional in kitchen and bath remodeling, Bill has years of experience helping people to achieve their dream home. In his capacity as a home baby-proofer, he has helped make homes safe for their youngest occupants. Now, he’s installing pet doors to make the furry family members happy.

Because Hale Pet Door makes the highest quality dog doors, we’re seeking qualified installers around the country. Here’s an opportunity for self-starters with basic home remodeling skills to work for themselves and make a difference in their lives.

For more information, visit

Protect Your Online Reputation

People are talking online--what are they saying about your business?

It’s great to get reviews—especially positive comments. But what if the rare disgruntled customer leaves a not-so-positive review online?

There are three options for dealing with negative feedback:

1. Ignore it

2. Tell the customer that he’s wrong

3. Encourage a dialogue and take the discussion offline

It’s pretty obvious that the first two options are not going to ‘win friends and influence people’. The third option is the best way to put out smoldering resentments before they turn into a wildfire of negative criticism.

Depending on the platform, you may be able to address the problem online. If you can’t respond online, it’s mandatory that you try to discover the identity of the unhappy customer and contact her to make the situation right.

When responding to a negative review online—for example: Angie’s List offers the opportunity to respond to all reviews—be sure to ask the customer to contact you so that you can make the situation right. As far as your response to the customer in the public arena it’s paramount to be respectful to the customer’s opinion. No matter how wrong you know the customer is about the situation, remember that other prospects are reading the review and if you come out swinging, your harsh words are bound to come back and hit you in the face. Once anything is put on the Internet, it’s like it’s carved in stone—it’s there forever in some form or another, so be impeccable with your words.

After you have corrected the situation, be sure to ask the customer to revamp the review to include the way you addressed their concerns.

That’s probably the easy part—correcting mistakes. The hardest part is finding those less than positive comments about your business. One way to see what people are writing about your business is by setting up Google Alerts for your company name, products and keywords.  There’s a Facebook app that will do the same for Facebook posts and comments here HyperAlerts.

There are companies that work to push those noxious comments down in the search engine results, but taking care of your own Online Reputation Management (ORM) is undoubtedly the best way to find out what your customers are saying about your company while giving you the opportunity to put a positive spin on your customer service that the whole world can see.

How have you dealt with reviews or online comments about your business?

Solving the Metal Shortage

When our primary metal supplier suddenly went bankrupt last month, it left us without enough material to manufacture pet doors on our regular schedule. There was a truck on its way to us with an ample supply of metal when the bankruptcy occurred, and the truck was recalled.

The Hale Pet Door for doors is constructed with 3 different metal shapes

Because our pet doors are made with several different metal shapes, our new suppliers had to first construct the dies and test run material to make sure that the material would meet our high standards. We were fortunate that these companies were willing to work with us, and we started getting material on a sporadic schedule—creating the variable deliveries that you may have experienced.

We understand the difficulty this situation may have created for you with your customers and appreciate your patience. We have several new metal suppliers now in place. There’s a rumor that our original primary supplier has been purchased, so we’re hoping that we’ll soon be contacted about receiving the metal that was on its way to us before too long.

As our production schedules get back to normal, we want to thank you for your business and hope our manufacturing slowdown didn’t inconvenience you too much.

Let Your Customers Sell Your Service: Getting Reviews

You work hard to craft the perfect messages to market your business. However, potential customers will believe their second cousin’s ex-brother-in-law’s opinion over your ad every time.

The Internet gives customers a platform to share their opinions with the whole world. This can be very scary or the opportunity of a lifetime. So, how can you use the myriad of review sites to build business?

Firstly, be sure to have your guarantee and quality control in place, so that if you do end up with a less than satisfied customer, you can rectify the situation quickly and completely. In order to be sure every customer is a satisfied customer, you might ask them to fill out a short survey of your product and service once the project is complete.

The next step is to get those deliriously happy customers to leave a review on the Internet. Because Google believes that its sites carry the highest authority, the first place you want to see reviews is on Google Places. So make sure that your business has a completed listing on Google Places. It’s free and that’s always the best price.

Angie’s List is another great place to get a review, but it’s open only to the paid membership, so the number of potential readers is smaller. There is no cost for businesses to be listed as the consumers pay for the privilege of membership.

Other places to make sure you have listing so your customers can leave a review are:

  • Merchant Circle (
  • Yahoo! Local (
  • Yelp (
  • City Search (
  • (
  • Yellow Book (
  • Yellow Bot (

You can check your listings on several of these sites by going to Yext.Com and entering your business information. They have a service that will do it for you, or you can use the information to improve your own listings for free.

Tips & Tricks by Bill Hale — Pet Ramps Provide Options for Dog Door Placement

Sometimes dog door placement is obvious. There’s a space in the wall where the pet door will lead onto a deck or porch. In other instances the interior walls are filled with cabinets or furniture in the area that would be most convenient for the dog to use the dog door. The only clear space leads to a several foot drop off from the floor to the ground outside.

Pet Door Ramp
A dog door ramp lets you place the dog door in unconventional locations

Hale Pet Door has a solution for that. Our custom pet ramps are designed to fit every situation to help pets access their pet doors. Every situation is different, so we make our pet ramps to solve the specific access problem your customer’s pet faces.

Constructed of strong yet light high density black polyethylene HDPE, our pet ramps are made to withstand all weather conditions. HDPE is environmentally stabilized for harsh sun (UV stable) and will not rot, swell, splinter or delaminate when exposed to humidity or water. This material was developed for the marine industry. Its durable matte-textured surface on both sides is easy to clean, is scratch resistant and never needs refinishing.

Hale Pet Door Pet Ramps come complete with outdoor carpet for a pleasant appearance and a non-slip surface for your pet. The carpet also keeps the black ramp surface from getting too hot for the pet’s paws during the sunny months.

Because every ramp application may require different heights, Hale Pet Door will make the ramp the right size for your customer’s needs. Take a look at our standard sizes to get ideas how ramps can be customized here.

Hale Pet Door Pet Ramps can help your bottom line while helping your customers help their pets.