Get Your Dealer Log-On and Streamline Your Hale Pet Door Order

If a cat can use the Dealer Portal to order Hale Pet Doors--so can you!
"It's so easy even a cat can do it" --Fido

Because we value our dealers’ business and know that you are busy and have different needs from our retail customers, we created a special portal on our website. There are two sides to the Hale Pet Door website: what the retail customer sees and the Dealer Portal.

When a dealer signs into the Dealer Portal of the Hale Pet Door website, you see different products than if you’re a retail customer. Some of the additional things you can do are:

  • Order Wholesale parts
  • Order Security Barriers
  • Order Sample Doors
  • Order In-Glass Pet Doors
  • Order Kennel Dog Doors
  • Order Storm Window Replacement Window Pet Doors

The ordering process is also different through the Dealer Portal, and you have options to help your business by:

  • Automatically receiving your dealer discount to improve your bottom line
  • Use internal P.O. numbers to track your orders
  • Use the “Ordered for” field to add your customer’s name
  • Add comments to orders for custom sizes or other special notes

The Hale Pet Door website is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can order at your convenience—not just during corporate office hours. You can develop quotes for your customers at any time of the day or night. You’ll see your customer’s price and your wholesale cost, so you can determine your profit and create an estimate for your customer.

So use your dealer log-on the next time you order a Hale Pet Door.

If you don’t yet have your log-on, call 888-293-6411 and ask for the IT Website Department, and we’ll get you set up to order through the Hale Pet Door Dealer Portal.


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