Raincaps and Flashing: Tips & Tricks by Bill Hale

Unique Components Set Hale Pet Door’s Wall Model Apart

While I, naturally, believe that Hale Pet Doors are the best pet doors on the market today, there are two parts that set our wall pet doors apart from the others: the flashing and the raincap.

Flashing under the tunnel keeps water out of the wall

It seems that flashing to keep water out of the wall would be a standard part of every pet door, but it ain’t necessarily so. Proper installation means good caulking around the exterior pet door frame and the house, but the flashing gives another layer of protection to keep water getting into the wall. Check out Step 15 of our online installation instructions for more detailed information.

The Hale Pet Door rain cap keeps water out of the dog door

While a good caulk seal at the top of the exterior pet door frame keeps rain and moisture from getting behind the exterior pet door frame, there are times when a little extra can help when the rain runs down the side of the house where the pet door is installed. The raincap comes standard with all wall pet doors. Generally, if the pet door is installed under a porch roof or other protected place, it’s usually not necessary to install the raincap. But if the dog door is on a wall under a roof and the homeowner regularly hoses down the house walls, it’s a good idea to install the raincap to keep the  water out of the pet door. It’s a very simple installation on the exterior pet door frame as it hooks right on top of the frame.

These two simple pieces of bent sheet metal can make a big difference in keeping moisture out of the pet door and the wall where it’s installed.

What’s your experience with these “extras” provided with Hale Pet Door wall models?


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