Solving the Metal Shortage

When our primary metal supplier suddenly went bankrupt last month, it left us without enough material to manufacture pet doors on our regular schedule. There was a truck on its way to us with an ample supply of metal when the bankruptcy occurred, and the truck was recalled.

The Hale Pet Door for doors is constructed with 3 different metal shapes

Because our pet doors are made with several different metal shapes, our new suppliers had to first construct the dies and test run material to make sure that the material would meet our high standards. We were fortunate that these companies were willing to work with us, and we started getting material on a sporadic schedule—creating the variable deliveries that you may have experienced.

We understand the difficulty this situation may have created for you with your customers and appreciate your patience. We have several new metal suppliers now in place. There’s a rumor that our original primary supplier has been purchased, so we’re hoping that we’ll soon be contacted about receiving the metal that was on its way to us before too long.

As our production schedules get back to normal, we want to thank you for your business and hope our manufacturing slowdown didn’t inconvenience you too much.


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