Measuring the Customer’s Dog

74942912 - border of dogs arranged in order of heightWe thought it was a good time to remind you that the beginning of a good install job starts with the dog(s). Bill regularly reminds customer service that we always need to start with the dog. Many people start with the location instead of their pets, causing them and you frustration when the location does not allow adequate space.

Customer service recently had a call from a customer that had a Bernese Mountain dog that had been using a Tall Medium size pet door for years and now wanted to get a larger size. Yes, her dog was older and having issues and not making it through the pet door very easily anymore. But it had gone through it just fine for years. We all cringed and felt for the dog.

At the same time customer service is overjoyed when a customer calls and wants to order a more than large enough pet door for their dog, so they are comfortable going through it.

In starting with the dog, you need their width. This is the widest point on the dog, usually the shoulders. Add 1-2 inches for safety and clearance. If the dog does not like the tape measure, open a door just wide enough for the dog to go through. Again add 1-2 inches to the measurement.

Next, you will need their height. Measure the dog from the floor to their withers (top of the shoulders). If they won’t stand still for the tape measure, stand next to them and mark the height on your leg. Add 1-2 inches to this measurement also. Keep in mind if the customer has more than 1 dog, you may need to make accommodations for all with a taller pet door. This allows the pet door to be installed lower for the short guys, but the tall guys still have clearance height in the pet door.

If you have to install the pet door higher off the floor, due to a tall baseboard, etc., let the customer know that for their dog they may need a step/ramp to make it easier for their dogs to use. If the customer has never had a pet door, they probably haven’t thought about it and are grateful for the advice.

Remember, you have knowledge, experience and training that gives you a unique perspective. Use it to advise customers wisely. Remember also, you are their dog’s advocate.

To Your Success!


Hale Pet Door Welcomes Valley of the Sun Pet Doors

Jose Garcia installs dog doors for Valley of the Sun Pet Doors
For professional doggie door installation in the Scottsdale, AZ area, call Valley of the Sun Pet Doors

Valley of the Sun Pet Doors is the newest pet door installation company to become an authorized Hale Pet Door installer. Jose Garcia was an employee of Hale Pet Door for many years and recently decided to rejoin the family by opening his own pet door installation business specializing in Hale Pet Door brand dog doors including dog door installation.

Besides having many years of experience with installing pet doors, Jose has also been involved in most phases of the construction industry since the mid 1990s so he can also assist with other items related to pet door installation including moving electrical or bug lines and building ramps or stairs.

When you have your Hale Pet Door professionally installed by Jose and Valley of the Sun Pet Doors, you can be sure that Hale with its almost 30 years of experience and excellent customer service stands behind both the doggie door itself as well as the installation.

Valley of the Sun Pet Doors serves the northeast metro Phoenix area including Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek and Carefree.  He can serve other areas as well if needed.

Call Jose at 602-492-6123 or visit today.

Tips & Tricks by Bill Hale — Pet Ramps Provide Options for Dog Door Placement

Sometimes dog door placement is obvious. There’s a space in the wall where the pet door will lead onto a deck or porch. In other instances the interior walls are filled with cabinets or furniture in the area that would be most convenient for the dog to use the dog door. The only clear space leads to a several foot drop off from the floor to the ground outside.

Pet Door Ramp
A dog door ramp lets you place the dog door in unconventional locations

Hale Pet Door has a solution for that. Our custom pet ramps are designed to fit every situation to help pets access their pet doors. Every situation is different, so we make our pet ramps to solve the specific access problem your customer’s pet faces.

Constructed of strong yet light high density black polyethylene HDPE, our pet ramps are made to withstand all weather conditions. HDPE is environmentally stabilized for harsh sun (UV stable) and will not rot, swell, splinter or delaminate when exposed to humidity or water. This material was developed for the marine industry. Its durable matte-textured surface on both sides is easy to clean, is scratch resistant and never needs refinishing.

Hale Pet Door Pet Ramps come complete with outdoor carpet for a pleasant appearance and a non-slip surface for your pet. The carpet also keeps the black ramp surface from getting too hot for the pet’s paws during the sunny months.

Because every ramp application may require different heights, Hale Pet Door will make the ramp the right size for your customer’s needs. Take a look at our standard sizes to get ideas how ramps can be customized here.

Hale Pet Door Pet Ramps can help your bottom line while helping your customers help their pets.