Tips & Tricks by Bill Hale–Screen Pet Door Stabilizer Bar

The screen stabilizer bar was created to support screen pet doors. Because the top edge of the screen pet door is not supported, some screen dog doors need extra stabilization to support the weight of the screen pet door.

Hale Pet Door Spreader Bar Kit
Screen Dog Door Spreader Bar Kit Components

The screen pet door stabilizer bar kit consists of a 5/8” by 5/16” spreader bar, two aluminum clips and two metal retainers. The spreader bar will be cut to fit the inside frame of the screen door. The aluminum clips attach to the frame of the screen door; the metal retainers hold the spreader bar to the top of the screen pet door.

When a Hale Pet Door screen pet door is size Large or larger, the stabilizer bar should be used. If the dogs that will be using the screen dog door are very active, even if they’re using a smaller than Large screen pet door, the stabilizer bar will hold the screen pet door in place and prevent damage to the screen.

The Stabilizer Bar Kit adds rigidity and strength to the screen door, so your customers can enjoy their Hale Pet Door Screen Dog Door for years to come. There’s more information here.


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