Tips & Tricks by Bill Hale — Pet Ramps Provide Options for Dog Door Placement

Sometimes dog door placement is obvious. There’s a space in the wall where the pet door will lead onto a deck or porch. In other instances the interior walls are filled with cabinets or furniture in the area that would be most convenient for the dog to use the dog door. The only clear space leads to a several foot drop off from the floor to the ground outside.

Pet Door Ramp
A dog door ramp lets you place the dog door in unconventional locations

Hale Pet Door has a solution for that. Our custom pet ramps are designed to fit every situation to help pets access their pet doors. Every situation is different, so we make our pet ramps to solve the specific access problem your customer’s pet faces.

Constructed of strong yet light high density black polyethylene HDPE, our pet ramps are made to withstand all weather conditions. HDPE is environmentally stabilized for harsh sun (UV stable) and will not rot, swell, splinter or delaminate when exposed to humidity or water. This material was developed for the marine industry. Its durable matte-textured surface on both sides is easy to clean, is scratch resistant and never needs refinishing.

Hale Pet Door Pet Ramps come complete with outdoor carpet for a pleasant appearance and a non-slip surface for your pet. The carpet also keeps the black ramp surface from getting too hot for the pet’s paws during the sunny months.

Because every ramp application may require different heights, Hale Pet Door will make the ramp the right size for your customer’s needs. Take a look at our standard sizes to get ideas how ramps can be customized here.

Hale Pet Door Pet Ramps can help your bottom line while helping your customers help their pets.


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