Have You Seen the New Pet Door Security Covers?

Starboard Security Covers available for Hale Pet Door brand dog and cat doors
Four colors of Starboard covers coordinate with our four frame colors

Although Lexan® polycarbonate covers had been the standard Hale Pet Door security covers for years, in May 2010 marine grade polymer was added to the cover choices.

After six months of extensive testing in all types of climates, we determined that this marine grade polymer material was superior to polycarbonate because of its scratch resistance and color choices.

Lexan® security covers are still available in the standard translucent gray color.

The marine grade polymer colors are black, dolphin gray, sanshade tan and white. These color choices help the customer to match or contrast with their wall colors and are designed to coordinate with the dark bronze, brushed aluminum, Arizona beige and white frame colors.

Getting a Handle on Security

Another improvement for the security covers is the new handle. Although the finger hole opening was performing well, we discovered these attractive pewter colored metal handles, tried them with great success and have made them standard on all the security covers.

Some Things Should Stay the Same

The positive action pin lock that has been standard for years works so well that we haven’t made any changes. We’ve been very pleased with this lock’s performance. Our customers are happy with it with its position on the frame and the positive action that safely secures the cover.

If you would like to order a new Starboard cover for your sample door or if one of your customers would like an upgraded cover, please click here to order.


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