Newest Dealer Dashboard Updates – Open Carts Tab

shutterstock_1848068845As promised in the last dealer dashboard blog update, we are continuing our improvements and additions to your dashboard and account access.  Some time ago we added a new tab for “Open Carts” to your account so you can easily get quotes for your customers and keep track of orders that have not yet been placed. In the past, you have had to call into the office to access your open carts for incomplete orders but now you can easily access any of these anytime you want to.  Many of you have been using this feature for several months now but there have recently been some questions and some dealers who didn’t even realize it was an available feature so we have put together a webpage with detailed information about how the open carts page works.

To keep this simple we are creating a separate webpage with instructions, screenshots, and suggestions about how to use this new open carts page.  Please visit to access this information.  You may also wish to bookmark it for future reference.

Again we hope you find these new features useful and look forward to more coming in the future.


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