Are You Missing Out on this Easy Way to Improve Cash Flow?

It’s true that Hale Pet Door is committed to selling the highest quality, easiest to install pet doors around the world. We know that you are committed to the highest quality of service for your customers and that is why you are a Hale Pet Door dealer.

We’re all in this to make a profit, however, and your dealer discount is the quickest way for you to increase your cash flow. When you purchase a Hale Pet Door for your customer, you’ll receive your discount which will give you an immediate profit when your customer pays full price for the pet door.

turtle ordering online from halepetdoor.comQuick and Easy Ordering on

When you log in to with your dealer log in, you’ll be on your way to instant profits. You can fill in your customer’s name and address, so we’ll have their information in the rare case that there’s a warranty issue with their Hale Pet Door. You can also note a P.O. number for your job tracking.

If you don’t yet have a log-in, please call Mysia at 888-293-6411, and she’ll get you set up.

You can have the pet door shipped to you or directly to your customer – it’s your choice.

So, start improving your bottom line today by ordering Hale Pet Door products for your customers.


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